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Creating a Custom Object

You can create custom object:

When implementing custom objects in Java, you can pass model objects as parameter arguments to custom objects or access model objects via the context parameter or another object; For example, you can pass a record as an argument to your java method and then access its related records.

To work with object of Expression-Language data types in Java, use their implementing Java class.

Expression Language Type Class
String java.lang.String
Boolean java.lang.Boolean
Binary com.whitestein.lsps.lang.exec.BinaryHolder
Decimal com.whitestein.lsps.lang.Decimal
Integer com.whitestein.lsps.lang.Decimal
Date java.util.Date
Reference com.whitestein.lsps.lang.exec.ReferenceHolder
Collection com.whitestein.lsps.lang.exec.CollectionHolder
List com.whitestein.lsps.lang.exec.ListHolder
Set com.whitestein.lsps.lang.exec.SetHolder
Type com.whitestein.lsps.lang.type.Type
Map com.whitestein.lsps.lang.exec.MapHolder
Closure com.whitestein.lsps.lang.exec.ClosureHolder
Record com.whitestein.lsps.lang.exec.RecordHolder
Enumeration com.whitestein.lsps.lang.exec.EnumerationImpl
Property com.whitestein.lsps.lang.exec.Property
Object java.lang.Object