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Log Management

Logs are dedicated LSPS Application logs: they are created by the Log tasks and log() functions, which are part of the Standard Library and stored in system database table LSPS_LOGS.

Note: Availability of logs does not depend on the CREATE_PROCESS_LOG database setting: this setting is related to the availability of module runtime data, which is displayed, for example, in the Model Instance views.

Managing Logs in the Management Perspective

You can display application log entries in the Logs view with the following details:

  • Model instance ID: identifier of the model instance, which executed the Log task that generated the log message
  • Timestamp: date and time when the log message was created
  • Level: severity of the log message (info, debug, or error)
  • Description: log message content

Managing Logs in Management Console

You can display application log entries on the Logs page.