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Icon in a forms::Grid

Required result: A Grid Column displays an icon in the given row.

  1. Create a GO-BPMN project with a module and a forms definition.
  2. In the forms definition, insert a Grid and define its data source, for example, collection {1..10}.
  3. Insert a Grid Column into the Grid, which will hold an icon.
  4. On the column, set type of the value provider to Closure and define its value as a closure that returns the icon, for example:
    { i:Integer ->
      new FontAwesome5("ambulance").toHtml();
  5. Set the renderer to HTML.

You can modify the closure so the icon changes depending on circumstances:

//i is the row object: we set the data source to a collection
//of Integers; therefore, it is an Integer:
{ i:Integer ->
  def FontAwesome5 icon;
  if i%2==0 then
    icon := new FontAwesome5("sticky-note");
    icon := new FontAwesome5("ambulance");