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To-Do Management

Features for To-dos management are accessible from the To-Do page.

Note that you can filter the table content by setting the filter value in the header of the respective cell. Filtering is by default case-sensitive and supports wildcards (*, ?); for example search for Task? * returns results containing the word Task followed by any character, a space, and any subsequent characters.

You can perform the following on to-dos:

  • reassign locked to-dos to another person,
  • reset the data in a saved to-do,
  • delegate, or escalate.

    As a result of such an action, a to-do might end up with no performers. Such to-dos are referred to as orphaned and require the attention of an administrator: in the Management Console, the administrator can search specifically for such to-dos.

Searching for Orphaned To-Dos

To display orphaned To-dos in the table of the To-Do view, click the Filter button in the view toolbar; in the displayed dialog, select the Orphaned to-dos option and confirm.

Activating orphan to-dos filtering

Reassigning To-Dos

Reassignment enables an administrator to assign an Alive to-do to other users, who become the initial performers.

Note: Reassignment cannot be undone.

To reassign a to-do, do the following:

  1. Display the to-dos detail (go to To-do List view and click a to-do ID).
  2. Click the Reassign button in the view toolbar.
  3. Select Persons to reassign the to-do to users or Roles to reassign the to-do to users with a runtime role.
  4. In the table below, select the persons or roles.
  5. In the view toolbar, click the confirmation button.
Reassigning To-Do

Escalating To-Dos

Escalation enables users to trigger the escalation process. Escalation might be triggered automatically (for example, after a certain period has elapsed), or manually: If a to-do is escalated, a signal with a certain value is sent to the Execution Engine. The signal can be caught and processed by a catch event. If escalation handling and catching of a particular signal is not handled within the model instance, escalation takes no effect. Unconsumed Signals remain in the signal queue (see Removing Waiting Signals).

Important: The escalation mechanism described below is deprecated. Use the escalation mechanism instead; for example, call the throwEscalation() function on a button component and process the escalation with Catch Escalation elements.

Escalating To-Dos
To escalate one or several to-dos, do the following:

  1. Open the To-dos view.
  2. Select the to-dos you want to escalate.

    Only live to-dos can be escalated.

  3. Click Escalate .
  4. Type escalation reason and click Escalate.

Delegating To-Dos

To delegate a live to-do to another user, do the following:

  1. Activate the respective to-do detail (To-dos To-do ID).

    Only live to-dos can be delegated.

  2. Click the Delegate button.
  3. Filter out the relevant users using the filter in the column of the table header.

    Wildcard usage is supported; to display all possible substitutes, type *.

  4. Select delegates from the table and click the Delegate button.

    Selecting delegates
  5. Click OK.

Delegation can be undone so the to-do is assigned to the previous users.

The respective to-do disappears from the to-do lists of all previous assignees and appears in the to-do list of delegates. If locked, to-do is unlocked and delegated as well.

Undoing Delegation

Delegation can be undone only for live to-dos.

To undo delegation of a to-do, do the following:

  1. Open the to-do detail (To-dos To-do ID).
  2. In the view toolbar, click the Undo Delegation button.

Delegation is undone and the delegation level decreases. Repeat the process to undo delegation on several levels.

Resetting To-Dos

To-do reset erases the data in a saved to-do. This feature is useful if the data used by the saved to-do have changed. Note that a reset to-do remains locked by the user.

To reset a live to-do of a user, do the following:

  1. Open the To-Dos page.
  2. Select the to-dos in the list.
  3. Click the Reset button. Only live to-dos can be reset.