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Customizing the LSPS Application Documentation

To meet the requirements of your business, generally you need to not only create models of your processes and related resources in your BPMN solution, but also customize the look and execution logic of the LSPS Application or its parts.

The resources required for the developement are provided by the LSPS Repository: it provides resources so you can generate the LSPS Application and setup the development environment easily.

The application exposes the API so you can implement custom business logic, customize the layout, appearance, and content of the Application User Interface, which is the front-end process application, as well as write automated tests and develop integration layers.

LSPS Application architecture with customizable parts highlighted in orange

Architecture Overview

The LSPS Application is a standard JEE application and comprises the following:

  • The EJB container parts:
    • Module Repository stores compiled modules.
    • Execution Engine manages model instances based on their model.
    • Runtime Data holds the runtime data of model instances.
    • User Management manages users, roles, and rights.
    • Web Services provides server-management API.
  • The web container parts: