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A form defines the content that is displayed in the front-end application, the Application User Interface, when the user opens either a to-do or a document

It serves to obtain and process information, which is used by the application or model instances: The user opens a to-do or document, fills out the form, submits it, and the execution of the underlying entity, that is, user task or document model instance, continues.

Form with a table in a document
Rendered to-do with the form

Important: Chart components of forms are based on Vaadin Charts developed by a third party. Make sure to obtain the Vaadin Chart licenses before you use them. The users of the your Application User Interface and Management Console, do not require any additional licenses.

Note: This document cover the forms implementation provided by the forms module of the Standard Library. The Standard Library provides a previous implementations of forms with life-cycle driven processing of events. This implementation is now deprecated.