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Command Line

To manage resource from the command line, you can use the cli client available in the lsps-tools package.

Make sure you have installed a supported JDK and set up the environment variable JAVA_HOME.

To run a command, do the following:

  1. Open your command line interface.
  2. On prompt, run lsps-mconsole-cl with the respective command and parameters.

To display available commands, java -jar lsps-cli-<VERSION>-full.jar.

The host, username, and password parameters take the following default values if not specified:

--destination http://localhost:8080
--username admin
--password admin

Parameters of a command can be displayed with the –delp parameter:

java -jar lsps-mconsole-cl-3.3.2083-SNAPSHOT-full.jar listSettings --delp

Example tool run

~/lsps-tools/cli-tools$ java -jar lsps-cli-<VERSION>-full.jar /
savedTodoExport -d http://localhost:8080 -u admin -p admin --todoId 12001 --location .

To display help, run the command without parameters, for example:

~/lsps-tools/cli-tools$ java -jar lsps-cli-3.3.2039-full.jar modelUpload
Command: modelUpload
Option Description
------ -----------
-d, --destination (req) host URL (e.g. http://localhost:8080)
-u, --username (req) username
-p, --password (req) password
-m, --model (req) model in ZIP file or directory with model ZIP files
--dbUpdateStrategy db schema update strategy, possible values: none, validate, update, dropCreate