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Living Systems® Process Design Suite, the development environment for LSPS models, comes in two editions:

  • Cloud Edition with its execution components in cloud (You do not have to set up a server with the execution resources, such as, database, application server, and the execution engine yourself).
  • Enterprise Edition with Embedded Servers for testing purposes and full support for connection to remote LSPS servers.

If you are upgrading your LSPS, make sure to migrate your and system data if applicable: refer to the Sever Deployment Guide.


PDS requires the following:

  • operating systems:
    • Windows
    • Linux
    • Mac OS X
  • Java:
    • Oracle JDK 1.8

      Important: We recommend to run JVM with at least -Xms1024m. However, the requirements of your environment may vary. Test your set up thoroughly.

    • OpenJDK 1.8

      Important: Currently running PDS over OpenJDK with OpenJ9 on Mac OS fails with the following exception: JVMJ9VM015W Initialization error for library j9gc29(2): Failed to instantiate compressed references metadata. 200M requested

      This is probably due to and when run over OpenJDK 1.8 with Hotspot and Oracle JDK 1.8, the issues does not occur.

  • Web browsers (for Application User Interface and Management Console):
    • Mozilla Firefox latest
    • Mozilla Firefox ESR latest
    • Internet Explorer 11, Edge (latest version)
    • Safari 9+
    • Google Chrome latest

Note: If you plan to develop your custom Application User Interface, make sure your environment meets the product requirements.