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Validation of Input

Accept input only if it is valid and run a model on form submit.

Validation over Multiple Components

Validate component data based on values in other components.


Design graphs, such as, a Donut chart, Line chart, etc.

Assembling Columns on runtime

Have a Grid create its column depending on what it displays.

Editing Tabular Data in Popups

Edit and create data displayed in a Grid in a resused Popup and detect conflicts.

Filtering Grid over Custom Data Source

View and filter data from a custom data source in a grid or table.

Grid with a Column with Icons

Define icons from Font Awesome as content of a grid column.

Ui Forms

Editable Table

Create a table with editable values over a shared record.

Table with a Derived Value

Create an editable table with cells that adapt to each other's values.

Calendar with Event Creation

Design a calendar that adds an event when you drag over dates.

Popup with the Save and Cancel buttons

Create a popup with the Save and Cancel buttons.


Agile Processes

Design processes that omit activities and skip to other activities.

Custom Application Development

Custom To-Do Lists

Create a to-do list with business-specific data.


Editable Decision Table

Create a simple decision table that you can edit in a Document in the Process Application and use it for the evaluation of a condition.

Model Update

Update running model instances.

Model Instance on Document Submit

Create a model instance when the user submits a document.

LSPS Application local server

Set up a MySQL database and WildFly server with the LSPS Application. This is a quick deploy scenario intended for local run.